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Studio 3X, Inc.

Studio 3X, Inc. was incorporated in January 2009. We produce and run a variety of gay-themed, adult entertainment websites. Our business can be broken down as follows:

S3X Porn

Studio 3X has been in the gay porn business since it's inception. Primarily as an affiliate of larger porn producers. Our porn offerings are being reorganized at the moment, but they include porn blogs, a tube site, and an gallery site. We're currently working on moving our sites from off-the-shelf scripts to custom written code that will give us more flexibility, integration and features.

S3X Social

The social aspect of sites is one of the primary reasons why we're redeveloping our sites. S3X Social will will have two components - one industry-facing for others in the adult entertainment industry, and one public-facing. The industry-facing component will be developed over time as we develop social tools for our own use. The public-facing component will be developed immediately after the substantial completion of S3X Porn. It will let users have social profiles that show what they think is hot from Studio 3X sites as well as Tumblr and Twitter.

S3X Fitness

A fitness tracking site.

S3X Connect

S3X Connect will be a network of interconnected hookup & discussion sites. Our current community site, Breeding Zone, will be folded into S3X Connect at some point in the future.


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Studio 3X, Inc.
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tel: 212-740-8672

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